Sunday, April 10, 2011

Egg Addition

We have been working on addition in my class a lot lately. My students seem be getting it quite well although we are still working on the counting on thing. I had been trying to think of something I could do with easter eggs and this came to mind.

I filled my easter eggs with those two sided counters, you know the red and yellow ones and gave one to each student and they were to dump out the easter egg and write the addition problem they saw. Ex. 3 red and 4 yellow would be 3+4= and then they had to write the answer.

Here is cute little paper to go with it.

Hatch an Egg

When I filled the eggs I filled all the pink with 5 the green with 6 the purple with 7 and so on so I could check my students work. I had them color a little dot of the color of egg they were using to the side so I would know which egg they had done but once I passed out the eggs and a few minutes had gone by they were so in to it they weren't careful about putting all of the little counters back in and so my system was unreliable. I was walking around the entire time and I felt like that gave me a great idea of who was getting it and who was struggling.

We had great fun with this activity and I hope you can use it in one way or another.

What other kinds of fun things do you do with addition in your classroom?


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Popcorn Anyone?

I love sight words!  I have been so blown away at how quickly my students have learned their popcorn words this year and how good they are at pointing them out.  Below are a few fun popcorn related documents for you.

I printed these out on regular white paper, cut around the edges and wrapped them around a bag of popcorn for my kiddos who have mastered reading all of their popcorn words.  They loved it!

Popcorn Words Award

I wrote their names on the little popcorn piece she has in her hand and they got to hang the piece on the big popcorn bucket on the wall. (I forgot to take a pic. of that.)

We love to "Bang" with our popcorn words whole group so I made these popcorn pieces with our sight words on them to use.  To play put all the pieces in some kind of container. I use the plastic popcorn buckets you can get in the dollar bin at Target or many other places.  Children take turns pulling one popcorn word out at a time and read it to their partner or group.  The children will keep taking turns until someone pulls a "BANG" card.  The student who pulls the "BANG" card has to put all their pieces back in the bucket.  To play this game whole group place 4 BANG cards into the sight word pile.  Hold up sight words 1 by 1 having the students read.  When you hold up a BANG card all sight word cards go back into the pile.  Play for a couple of rounds.
Popcorn Bang

What fun things do you do to encourage mastery of sight words?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Kindergarten Blog

This year I have found myself reading more and more blogs and to be honest, I wouldn't be the teacher I am without them.  The amount of great ideas and support I have received has been a true blessing.  I feel like I need to give back and so what you find here is my attempt to do so.  I went back and forth for a while as to whether or not I should start a blog because I haven't created tons of things that were my own idea.  In the end, I decided I would share what little I do have and direct you to the wonderful people I have begged, borrowed and stolen from!