Saturday, May 7, 2011

Counting down

While I'm not afraid to admit I have a countdown to the last day (come on, who doesn't) and can't wait, some of me isn't ready.  I love my kiddos and will be sad to say goodbye but honestly they are ready for first grade and I am excited to see them in first grade.  Plus, they make me feel like a movie star in the hallway, it's too cute.

Now that I have made it clear that I love my kiddos and I will be sad to see them go I can tell you that they aren't the reason I would like the year to go on but rather, I am not ready to tear down and pack up my classroom.  At my school we have to take everything down and off the walls, fit everything in a cupboard and pretty much leave our room looking as sterile as possible at the end of the year.  On the last day we have to turn in our keys and we aren't allowed back in until 2 or 3 days before school starts.  I teach in Utah but am from Ohio and back home it isn't like that, teachers are allowed in year round so I don't know if what I am experiencing here is normal or is back home is normal but either way I don't like being locked out for the summer.  It is bad enough that we are only allowed in our rooms from 7:00-5:30 M-F anyways.

If you are anything like me, which I'm guess you are because you're reading blogs right now, you have all these fantastic ideas you find while blogstalking and can't wait to implement them.  I'm not ready for the year to end because I have things I want to make and prepare for next year.

Are you allowed in your room over the summer?  How much do you have to take down and put away?