Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Fun

I got an email today from someone asking for candy corn beginning sound printables that I had gotten off of another website and the easiest way to get them to her was for me to upload them to Scribd.  Since I needed to upload one thing it gave me a little motivation to put up a few other things I have made.  Thanks Sue for giving me a little motivation!

Here are the Candy Corn puzzles.  They are originally from Mailbox Magazine and I got an uploaded copy from someone else.  I prefer to color on the computer more than with actual crayons so once I got the uploaded copy that's what I did.  I figure I can do it once on the computer and then when I need to make a new set all I have to do it print them!

Candy Corn

Here is a game called Boo!  This game works on letter and sound recognition.  I can't wait to play this with my class this week.  We are almost done with our first time through the alphabet.


10 Little Pumpkins, great for shared reading in the pocket chart and then moved to a center activity.  It's great for number sequencing as well.

10 Little Pumpkins

I found this poem in a folder that a coworker had given me last year.  I wrote it on chart paper and then drew some pictures with the help of my kiddos to help them read it. The next day we did this emergent reader.  We are now in the process of making our own pumpkins and telling about them.  I had each of my students tell me what their pumpkin was with the sentence, "This little pumpkin is..."  There were some very cute ones.  I'm hanging them on my bulletin board tomorrow, I will have to post a picture after it's up.

This Little Pumpkin

This is a great introduction to measuring and I am going to use it as a center activity in my classroom.  After you print the pumpkins you will need to label them.

Pumpkin Measuring

Lastly, here are some picture/word cards that I use for centers as well.  I use letter tiles or the Lakeshore word building blocks and have my students spell these words.

October Picture Words

If you look a post or two back, there are some pumpkin letter puzzles you might enjoy as well.

Enjoy!  Leave a comment if you download.